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Whole Foods Market Connection Number

Company Connection Number
Wholefoods Market 118 057

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Wholefoods Market: 118 Contact Number - 118 057

Whole Foods Market Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office (UK) 15 Argall Avenue, London, E10 7QE

About Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is a supermarket chain that is based in America but has stores in the UK in the following cities; London, Gloucestershire and Glasgow. It specialises in producing all natural products with no additives, artificial sweeteners, flavourings or hydrogenated fats. It was the first certified organic grocer to exist in the US, which means that the store has to comply with the National Organic Program standards. The store’s headquarters remains where the first store opened, in Austin, Texas. The opening was in September, 1980. From September 2015, the store has 91,000 employees and 431 supermarkets, in Canada and the US, as well as some in the UK. Wholefoods Market UK was launched in 2004 when the supermarket came to London. A big store on Kensington High Street in West London was opened in 2007 and since then there have been 8 more openings in the UK in Cheltenham, Camden Town, Fulham, Piccadilly Circus, Kensington, Giffnock and Clapham Junction. Whole Foods Market ensures that all of their foods are minimally processed. On April 22nd 2008, otherwise known as ‘Earth Day’, Wholefoods Market eliminated their use of plastic grocery bags in all of their stores and instead produced reusable bags made from recyclable paper. 

Whole Foods Market UKWholefoods Market UK

Whole Foods Market is increasing in popularity in the UK as more and more people begin to see the benefits of eating organic and wholesome food. Unfortunately, Whole Foods Market only do grocery deliveries to certain cities in the USA and deliveries are not available in the UK. However, if you do live in London, Gloucestershire and Glasgow, you can browse Whole Food Market’s products online to get an idea of what you would like before you buy it. You can find information about the Whole Food’s ‘groceries’ which do not count as everything in the store but rather the goods that are packaged before they arrive at the stock such as organic foods from wholefood companies. Whole Foods UK want to assure their customers that they do not have to read the labels of their groceries as they have made sure that nothing they stock contains artificial sweeteners, harmful additives or trans fats. That being said, if you would like further information about the ingredients inside a particular product, then do not hesitate to call the customer service phone number. Whole Foods Market makes sure to use minimal packaging with all of their products. Foods that do not count as ‘groceries’ are foods that have been grown naturally and include all organic fruit and vegetables – and there is plenty of those for everyone! The organic produce stocked in the Whole Foods Market does not stop at food, and they also stock cleaning agents and paper products that are all eco-friendly and are all as natural as possible. If you have special dietary requirements, they can be catered for at Whole Foods Market UK, whether you are diabetic, have a gluten allergy are lactose intolerant or have chosen to follow a vegan or similar diet then there is still plenty of choice available to you at Whole Foods Market. If you would like to locate your nearest Whole Foods Market and you are in the UK, you can call the customer service number or use the ‘store finder’ tool on the website.

Wholefoods Market Recipes

If you would like to know more about how to cook using products from Whole Foods Market then there are some great recipes online for you to follow. These recipes will create excellent, healthy dishes that are quick and easy to make. The recipe collections can be found on the Whole Foods Market website and include dishes such as ‘Everyday Superfood Recipes’, recipes for your slow cooker, healthy snack recipes and smoothie ideas. There are tons of recipes to choose from, including dessert ideas so that you can indulge and watch the calories. Most of the recipes are based around time saving so that there is no excuse not to eat healthily, even during the week when most of us are pushed for time. The recipe collections can be filtered by topic if you have a particular dish in mind. The filter options are; main ingredients, Type of dish and season. There are several options for each category so there is bound to be a recipe that suits the taste of everyone!

Wholefoods Market Blog & Newsletter

Whole Food Market’s blog is updated regularly and can be found on their website, it contains interesting facts about food, advice about what you should be eating more of and which foods you should avoid. It also keeps it readers updated on the goings on of the organic food industry. Having difficulty sticking to a diet? This blog will definitely provide you with the motivation that you need to keep it going. If you want to receive regular news and updates from Whole Foods Market why not sign up for their newsletter? Simply enter your details into the space provided on their website. If you have signed up to the newsletter but are not receiving regular updates then please call the customer service number.

Wholefoods Market Sales and Coupons

Every Whole Foods Market has over 1, 000 items on sale every week. Some of these sales can be found online by selecting your location. The website will then provide any sales vouchers or coupons that are currently valid to spend in store, you can simply print these vouchers and take them with you to help pay for your items. If you cannot find any coupons or sales vouchers online, keep an eye out for the discounts that are in store!