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Uber Eats 118 057

Calls cost £1.50 per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge. Minimum charge £1.50. Bill payers permission required. This is a Directory Enquiry Service provided by NewVenture2014. Customer Service Number 0333 009 5159.

Uber Eats Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office (US) 182 Howard Street, Suite 8, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States

How Uber Started

The idea of Uber started in 2008 at a LeWeb conference in Paris when two friends (Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp) started brainstorming problems that technology could fix, one problem being struggling to find a taxi in a busy city. Garratt started to prototype some of his ideas, beginning to create an iPhone app that would allow you to order a taxi at the touch of a button. In 2010 Uber had 3 cars in New York City testing out the service, then on the 31st of May 2010 Uber had their official launch in San Francisco, it now has drivers in over 600 cities in the world and has surpassed the 5 billion trips marker. Uber is an ever growing company, beginning food delivery in 2014 and will most likely be delivering presents and parcels in no time.

Uber Taxi Service

Uber started their taxi service in 2010, giving people the power to travel anywhere at the touch of a button. Uber is known for the safety it gives passengers as it displays the driver’s photo, number plate and car model as well as a rating that is given to drivers by their passengers after their ride.  Uber has multiple options for you to pick from: Uber X, Uber XL, UberExec, UberLUX, Assist, UberPOOL (a ride sharing option) and in some countries you can even order an UberMotor, a motorcycle taxi. Each ride varies in price depending on demand rate, travel distance and travel time, after picking your destination the app displays the estimated price range of your journey (for example £4-£6). The different types of Uber have different prices, an UberX is cheaper than an Uber XL and an UberExec is usually more or equal to Uber XL. Uber has had over 5 billion rides made through their app and its popularity is growing with more drivers and passengers signing up every day.

Uber Eats Food Delivery Service

Uber branched out into food delivery in 2014, delivering food from your favourite restaurants straight to your front door. The app allows you to browse your local area for restaurants and have a look at their menus, Uber Eats do have a delivery charge which they add to your total order price once you are done ordering food. Their drivers pick up your food once the restaurant has finished cooking your meal, then your delivery partner brings it to you as quickly as possible.

How Uber Eats Deal with Complaints

Uber Eats have a FAQs section on their website for general questions. If you have missing or incorrect food items, a section in the FAQ section will ask you to sign in, you need to state the missing or incorrect food item and include a clear picture of the food that arrived for their team to be able to help you. If you would rather speak to someone on the Uber Eats team call the number above and we will connect you to a member of their team. If your order never arrived but you still received a receipt for your order, make a complaint through the website and their team will review your complaint and refund you. If you would prefer to contact a member of the team immediately, contact the number above and we will connect you to their team. If the food you received was unacceptable when rating your order on the app leave details of what was wrong so Uber’s team can help you. If you had a problem with your delivery partner, thumbs down them on the app and give an explanation on why you think their service was not acceptable, alternatively call Uber’s team on the number above.

Uber Eats Reviews

Out of 87 reviews, only 3 people considered Uber Eats as excellent, commenting about how they have always had quick and helpful service from them. on the other hand, 80 people thought Uber Eats had bad service explaining their experiences of terrible customer service, multiple items missing from their order with no explanation and even drivers cancelling after they have picked up the order, sometimes having to wait up to 2 hours for their food to arrive cold. As Uber Eats is new in most areas of the UK, their couriers seem untrained and over worked compared to their competitors. Uber is working hard to fix this problem whilst trying to expand to new areas of big cities making Uber Eats accessible to more people as well as giving good customer service and quick delivery.