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Twitter 118 057

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Head Office (UK) 20 Air St, Soho, London W1B 5AG


Twitter is a large social networking site. Users post and interact with messages which are known as ‘tweets’. Tweets are restricted to 140 characters but users can post longer messages privately using a Direct Message function. If you are unregistered, you can only read tweets, you cannot post them. Twitter is famous for its use as a way to release breaking news, as word can spread quickly through the use of retweets and hashtags. Twitter can be accessed through a desktop website, a mobile twitter and apps for mobile devices.

Twitter is also known as a good way for celebrities to interact with their fans, as you don’t need to become ‘friends’ to contact each other. Some of the most followed people on Twitter include Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, Kim Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bill Gates, LeBron James and Harry Styles.

One of the unique things about Twitter is the use of hashtags. Hashtags can be used to quickly find tweets relating to a particular subject. For instance, in the event of a natural disaster, a hashtag such as #countryearthquake could be used to keep up to date on the latest news relating to it. Or, when a celebrity passes away, people would use #celebrityname as a way to send their condolences and tribute messages. Lastly, when a big programme is on television, a hashtag is often used as a way of getting viewers to engage with the show and discuss the events – a popular TV show for doing this is Pretty Little Liars, who often use hashtags in their adverts to get the audience excited about upcoming plots.

Twitter Login

It’s simple to create a Twitter profile. You can simply visit the site and sign up using basic information such as your email address and your phone number. You can login to see your notifications and send tweets.

Twitter Search twitter app

You can use the search function on Twitter to search for a specific person’s profile, or you can search for tweets about a certain topic using a hashtag.

How to deactivate Twitter

If you no longer wish to have a Twitter account, you can deactivate it by visiting your account settings. You scroll to the bottom of the page and you should see an option for ‘deactivate my account’ – read the information and choose whether you wish to go ahead with the process. You will be asked to enter your password to verify that it is the account holder who wishes to deactivate the account.

Twitter Trends

Trending topics on Twitter are characterised by the hashtag or phrases that are being tweeted about. The hashtags which are used the most will appear as a trending topic on the side of the Twitter feed. Trending topics are often related to politics, world news, celebrities and TV programmes. Trends can be categorised by country or you can even tailor them to your region to see what people in your local area are talking about.

Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments is a quick way for you to see the biggest stories from around the world in an instant. You will see stories come together from photos, headlines and highlights. For events, you can get the best tweets relating to it straight to your newsfeed by following the event – no more worrying about which accounts to follow.

Twitter Analytics

You can use Twitter Analytics to measure the impact that your tweets are having on your audience. It’s ideal for businesses, as it shows you the level of engagements, including people who clicked to view more details or clicked any links that you placed within a post. You will see how many impressions your tweets get, how many people visit your profile and much more useful information. Twitter Analytics aren’t just for business pages, personal pages can use them too.

Twitter Promoted Tweets

As a business, engaging with your customers on social media is incredibly important. A good way to get more likes, retweets and interaction from people on Twitter is to use Promoted Tweets.  A Tweet Engagement campaign can introduce your tweets to a larger audience targeted to your audience. The tweets are labelled as promoted but people can still retweets and reply to them as they would a normal tweet. Twitter will also give you a video guide which will help you learn how to create interesting tweets – tweets with images and videos get more response than others. To start a Twitter Engagement campaign, simply go to the Twitter website to be guided through the process.

If you’re not worried about engagement, there are other types of Twitter campaigns available. There are campaigns to help you increase your followers, promote an app, and increase traffic to your website.

To quickly promote a tweet that you have already written, click on the options and choose ‘promote this tweet’.

About Twitter

Twitter was first founded in 2006 by a group of entrepreneurs. Jack Dorsey, an undergraduate student had the idea of using an SMS service to communicate with a small group with a code name of twttr.

Just over 10 years later, Twitter has over 300 million users that are active. During the U.S. Presidential Election, Twitter was the largest source of breaking news with 40 million tweets relating to it sent by 10 pm that day.

To find out more about Twitter, contact Twitter.