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Company Contact Number
Twinings 118 057

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Twinings: 118 Contact Number - 118 057

Twinings Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office (UK) Weston Centre, 10 Grosvenor Street, London, W1K 4Q

About Twinings

Twinings is a famous tea marketer based in Andover, Hampshire UK. It was first founded in 1706 where it has held the same tea store on The Strand in London since this time. The logo was created in 1787 and is extremely famous all over the world. It is the oldest in continuous use in the world. Twinings is mainly known for its production of tea but since 2006 has also began to create hot chocolate drinks and a range of confectionary including biscuits, sugar and marmalade and preserves. Twinings is unmistakably British and even offer British memorabilia that you can buy to enjoy your tea out of. To mark momentous occasions, they will also have limited edition pieces; 2016 saw a special blend of tea created to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. Twinings is a member of Ethical Tea Partnership which helps towards improving working conditions on major tea estates.

Reasons to Contact the Twinings Customer Service Team

  • I want to locate my nearest Twinings Store
  • I have ordered products from Twinings online and it has not been delivered
  • I have been sent a faulty, damaged or broken product from Twinings
  • I would like to enquire about a particular type of tea made by Twinings
  • I would like to order Twinings tea as a gift for someone
  • Can I return products to Twinings?
  • I would like to know more about other Twinings products aside from tea
  • I would like to know more about the ethical side of Twinings.
  • I would like to know which supermarkets stock Twinings tea and other products.

Twinings teaTwinings Tea

The Twinings website tells you everything you need to know about Twinings, including displaying the famous Twinings logo. You can browse all of the tea available including best sellers and boxes of tea that are available for as little as £1. The flavours of Twinings teas are endless, with each one being a unique taste experience. If you know a tea lover that you would like to buy a gift for, there could be nothing better than the Twinings tea box, a beautifully crafted wooden box containing 12, 8 or 2 compartments filled with a range of Twinings tea bags. You can also buy the storage boxes on their own. There is a range of boxes and the prices vary depending on which one you choose. Whilst endless selections of teas is a good thing, you might prefer the simpler things in life and want to enjoy a traditional English Breakfast Tea. The Twinings breakfast tea is over 80 years old and claims to compliment any breakfast. Whilst traditionally enjoyed at breakfast, it can be drunk at any time of day for a small pick me up. All the different tea types can be found in the tea category on the Twinings website, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Twinings bestsellers are listed on the website and include the apple and pear green tea, strawberry and mango flavour and lemon and ginger. Twinings has also created breakfast recipes to go alongside their teas. These recipes include how to host a great afternoon tea party. As well as drinking the stuff, Twinings has also created tea ware so you can enjoy your brew out of a top notch mug. The full collection of Twinings crockery can be found on their website. The products are all designed by Tokyo Design Studio. If you have any issues using the website for ordering products then you can call the Twinings contact number. Twinings offers free delivery on all orders over £35.

Twinings Detox Tea

Detox teas have become more and more popular and Twinings does not disappoint when it comes to their range of teas designed to improve your general health and wellbeing, making sure you feel 100%. Their Lemon Peel, Lemon Verbena and Milk Thistle contain ingredients that are traditionally thought to detoxify the body, including the cleansing milk thistle. You can order this product online or find it in local supermarkets. Please be aware it is popular and may be sold out. Other teas that are thought to improve wellness and vitality are Twinings Lemon and Ginger as well as traditional green tea.

Twinings Confectionary

If you fancy a treat you can definitely indulge in the confectionery options from Twinings, all of which can be browsed online. Twinings Lily O’Briens brand of chocolate is a luxurious treat that come in the form of plain chocolate, salted caramel flavour buttons, sticky toffee chocolates and crispy hearts to name but a few. You can also purchase a range of delicious shortbread and other biscuits made by Cartwright. If it’s a drink that you’re after, try an amazing luxurious hot chocolate or malt drink, or put a dash of Monin syrup into your coffee for an exquisite sweet treat. All confectionary can be purchased online but if you would like more information about where the products can be bought on the high street, please call customer services.

Twinings Tea Shop London

This is the longest standing shop on London’s ‘The Strand’ and has been open since 1706. The Twinings tea shop displays the logo on the front of the shop so cannot be missed if you are walking by. The shop includes every range of Twinings tea you can imagine and also has a loose tea bar where a master class can be enjoyed with one of the loose tea ambassadors. Events are held regularly for these master classes so check the Twinings website to find out what is going on in the near future and book your place before it sells out!

Twinings Sale

The Twinings sale can be viewed on their website and offers great discounts on some of their most popular blends. It is not just tea that goes on sale but also other brands available from Twinings. If you would like to purchase something from the Twinings sale, or off the Twinings website in general, you can add it to your basket and create an account so that you can sign in and buy things quickly from Twinings in the future. Please call the Twinings contact number if you have forgotten the log in details to your account. You can also use your account to track your orders and view your order history.