Trivago Connection Number

Company Connection Number
Trivago 118 057

Calls cost £1.50 per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge. Minimum charge £1.50. Bill payers permission required. This is a Directory Enquiry Service provided by NewVenture2014. Customer Service Number 0333 009 5159.

Trivago: 118 Contact Number - 118 057

Trivago Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office (UK) 1 Northumberland Avenue Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5BW, United Kingdom

Calls cost £1.50 per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge. Minimum charge £1.50. Bill payers permission required. This is a Directory Enquiry Service provided by NewVenture2014. Customer Service Number 0333 009 5159.

How Does Trivago Work?

Trivago is a great online comparison site that allows you to compare the price of certain hotels across the internet to ensure that ayou are getting your chosen room and destination at the cheapest possible price. Trivago was first established in 2005 in Dusseldorf, Germany and was the first hotel search engine in Germany. In 2014, the Trivago app was created, allowing users to browse hotels and find cheaper alternatives, when on the go. 2016 saw the building of a new Dusseldorf campus and Trivago’s employee rate rise to 1000 people. The average age of a Trivago employee is 28 years old. The website allows you to compare over 1 million hotels across over 250 sites and will include accurate traveller reviews for all of their listings.


Hotel TrivagoHotel Trivago

In just a few clicks, you can compare hotel prices in over 190 countries across more than 200 booking sites using the Trivago website. The same room, in the same hotel, for the same dates can often be listed at different prices across different booking websites which is why it is always worth comparing before you book. Comparing can be a lengthy and complicated process, and this is where Trivago steps in. Simply enter your destination, the dates you would like to stay and what type of room you require (double, single etc) and within minutes Trivago will have given you a list of hotel prices, highlighting the cheapest. You can then follow the link to the booking site to book the room featured. It is a simple process with an extremely effective outcome. The Trivago website is not complicated to use and you can create your own profile where you can log in using your email address and password. You can follow the link on the website to set up a new password if you have forgotten it or you can call the Trivago contact number where your details can be looked into. Creating a Trivago profile you will be given extra benefits such as saving and sharing on multiple hotel lists or create price alerts if you have any upcoming trips and you want to guarantee the best price. Your account will be synced across all of your devices so you can use it from the app on your smartphone or tablet if you need to book on the go. If you do not want to create your own account, you can log into Trivago using your Facebook or Google+ profile.

Trivago Holidays

When you are searching accommodation on Trivago, you can filter out your search according to your needs and preferences. If you are planning a holiday, whether it be in the UK or abroad, you can begin to plan your holiday right from the very start by filtering Trivago to show you only hotels with a beach or a pool or if you are travelling you might want to make sure your chosen hotel has reliable wifi available. There is a load of extra filters you can add onto your search if you really want to refine it such as ‘suitable for children’, ‘wellness and spa’ and ‘theme/type of hotel’ (boutique, airport etc). If a hotel catches your eye, you can read honest reviews from other travellers about their experiences staying there before you commit to booking it. Trivago hotels are rated by a smiley face – green and happy if the majority of reviews are positive and red and angry if the hotel has received a lot of negative feedback. A lot of Trivago’s hotels are non-refundable and this is why they are at the cheapest price, however not all of them. Cancelling a hotel after you have booked it is not the responsibility of Trivago as they are just the search engine. If you would like to cancel your booking after you have found it on Trivago, you will have to contact the booking site that you used to book your hotel. All of Trivago’s prices are listed as per night, not per person.

Trivago Flights

 Trivago only compares hotels, not flights. If you book accommodation after comparing on Trivago, you will have to book your flights separately as it does not come as a package.

Trivago Account

With your Trivago account you can look at past and current searches as well as save any favourite destinations. To add hotels to your list, simply click on the heart next to your favourite listings and they will be saved for you to come back to later. You will receive price alerts via email when your saved hotels drop in price so you will never miss a bargain!

Trivago Top Destinations

If you would like inspiration for where to travel to on your next adventure, Trivago lists their top destinations and cities on their website. The top destinations range from great hotels in the UK, to city breaks in cultural places and adventure holidays over the other side of the world. Trivago International will help in your quest to travel somewhere unusual and exotic.