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SoundCloud Contact Number

Company Contact Number
SoundCloud 118 057

Calls cost £1.50 per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge. Minimum charge £1.50. Bill payers permission required. This is a Directory Enquiry Service provided by NewVenture2014. Customer Service Number 0333 009 5159.

Soundcloud Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office (UK) SoundCloud Limited Rheinsberger Str. 76/77 10115 Berlin

About SoundCloud

SoundCloud was first created in 2007. It is an online music platform that has its headquarters in Germany. Users of SoundCloud can upload, promote and share their original sounds with other users and it is a great way of establishing yourself if you are an up and coming artist. At first, the idea behind SoundCloud was just to allow artists to share their music and creations with each other, but SoundCloud soon became a popular distribution tool, meaning that now, anyone with a username and password can access the music on it. Twitter and iTunes both use SoundCloud as a third-party music provider. By 2013,  SoundCloud had 40 million registered users, with a further 20 million using it as a listening device on a monthly basis. In 2016 there were brief talks about Spotify taking over and buying SoundCloud, but such plans have since been abandoned. 

SoundCloud Login

To get the most out of SoundCloud, you should create a SoundCloud account using a username and password of your choice. Only you will have access to your account and it is a place where you can access all of your favourite songs and discovered music. Signing up to SoundCloud is free and will provide unlimited listening to your favourite tracks and will also give you the ability to upload 180 minutes of your own content. You can sign up to SoundCloud with Facebook which is a great way of sharing your music. Community Guidelines and Terms of Use need to read and accepted before your account is created. If you have forgotten your log in details, want to question something in the terms and conditions or cannot access your account for any other reason then please call the SoundCloud customer services. If you do not have an account with SoundCloud, you can still listen to thousands of tracks via the SoundCloud app or with the desktop version. SoundCloud will often only play a 30-second preview, if you want to hear the full track without restrictions then you can upgrade to SoundCloud Go.

SoundCloud Go App

The SoundCloud app is great for those that want to listen to new music on the go and also great for artists who want a wider platform to promote their work. The app can be downloaded for both ios and Android and costs £9.99 monthly. You can, however, trial it for 30 days before you commit to monthly payments. SoundCloud Go has some great additions that are definitely worth paying for. You can listen to 135+ million tracks, offline and ad-free and tracks include the top 40 so you are constantly up to date with your music. The fact that you can use the service offline means you will not be racking up any expensive data charges on your phone whilst listening on the go. Another bonus is that Soundcloud Go has no ads so your listening will not be interrupted! If you head to the SoundCloud website, you will see a breakdown of both regular SoundCloud and SoundCloud Go so that you can see whether you think it is worth investing in. SoundCloud will also offer you the chance to listen to full tracks – no more 30 second previews. Head to the website if you want to start your free 30 days. You will not be charged until after your 30 days is over. Please call SoundCloud customer services if you want to cancel your subscription after your free trial is over.

SoundCloud Jobs

As the world’s leading audio platform, SoundCloud are always looking for new people to join their ever-growing team. You can find details of all vacancies on their regularly updated jobs website, in different locations all over the world. From product design engineering to operations, finance and support, SoundCloud welcomes all kinds of creative minds. You can also hear from the current SoundCloud team about benefits and working environment if you are in two minds about applying. If you are having trouble viewing current vacancies, please call customer services. Otherwise, you can apply online by uploading your CV. Want to stay updated about SoundCloud vacancies and news from the SoundCloud working world? Why not follow them on Twitter @soundcloudjobs.

SoundCloud Upload

SoundCloud is not just a listening platform. If you make music or create audio then SoundCloud is the perfect platform for you to showcase your creations. SoundCloud will give you three hours of your own uploads which put together, is enough for multiple albums, that can be shared everywhere from Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. You can connect with your fans and listeners through comments and messages via both the SoundCloud app and the desktop version which enables you to produce your music on a personal level. You can also measure the progress of your music by accurate stats produced by SoundCloud. By sharing your music on SoundCloud you are confirming that your sounds comply with the terms of use of SoundCloud and do not infringe anyone else’s rights. All Copyright information, terms and conditions and FAQ’s can be found on the SoundCloud website. If you have problems uploading any of your music or sounds please call the SoundCloud contact number and the problem can be trouble shooted.

SoundCloud Pro

If you’re an artist and uploader or even just a regular user of Soundcloud, you might want to consider upgrading to SoundCloud Pro which includes many perks such as doubling your upload time, additional stats for uploaders, and the ability to pin tracks to the top of your playlist. If you would like to upgrade again for even more great opportunities then you can upgrade again to Pro Unlimited.