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Head Office (UK) Donau-City-Straße 1, 1220 Wien, Austria

What is Shpock?

Shpock is a boot sale app that enables users to quickly sell unwanted, previously-loved items at a price of their choice. The concept of Shpock is a simple one. The app is downloaded by both buyers and sellers and if you are selling items you will list them with a brief description and price and if you are buying you can browse hundreds of bargains in your area. Shpock does not involve postage and so if you buy something you must be able to collect the item from the seller, or arrange for the seller to drop the item off for you. You can use Shpock’s filters to ensure that you are only browsing items that are near to your location. Shpock is a combination of the words ‘shop’ and ‘pocket’ and was first introduced in Germany in 2012 and the idea is to buy or sell unwanted items locally, from your phone (Shpock is also available as a desktop version). It has over 8 million users.

Why would I need to contact Shpock?

  • I need to make a complaint to Shpock
  • I have bought an item but cannot contact the buyer
  • I would like to apply for a job at Shpock
  • I have made an agreement with a buyer but they are refusing to send the money
  • I cannot access my account as I have forgotten my log in details
  • I am having trouble downloading the app
  • I have entered a dispute with a buyer/seller and don’t know how to resolve it
  • I want to delete my Shpock account
  • I want to cancel a deal
  • I have purchased something on Shpock that I am not satisfied with
  • I didn’t receive an item I paid for and would like a refund

Selling with Shpock

Selling with Shpock is extremely easy once you get the hang of it. Simply download Shpock from the app store (available for both ios and Android) and create an account (you can log in with your email and a new password, with Facebook or Google). If you have created an account and can’t remember your password you can request for Shpock to send you a new one to your email address or call the contact number to reset it. The quickest way to register by Facebook or Google, if you register with email you will also have to follow the instructions to confirm your identity via SMS. Once your account is all set up, you can begin to list your unwanted items by taking clear pictures of them. Alongside the pictures, you must include a description of the item e.g. how old it is, how often an item has been worn/used, any defects to the item etc. Shpock works by encouraging users to sell locally so you must enable your location services so that buyers in your area can see what you are selling. You are responsible for picking the price that you want to sell the item for, but don’t forget to be realistic – think how much you would pay for the item in question. A buyer will first express interest in your product by giving it a ‘like’ – this means they have their eye on it. When a buyer decides they want to buy the item you have listed, they will select to ‘ask a question’ where they can contact you for more information about your item or they will choose to make a private offer. Once you have responded to the offer for the item, you and the buyer will enter a legally binding agreement and the transaction must take place. If you are having any issues with selling an item, or have not received payment from a buyer even though the deal has been finalised, then please call Shpock customer services.

shpock appBuying on Shpock

You are guaranteed to find some great bargains on the Shpock app, and even better, they will all be within your area so collecting them will not be an issue. Once you have found something you would like to purchase (be sure to read the description first) you can send an offer to the buyer if you think the item is perhaps priced a little too highly or you can offer the asking price. If you want to know a little bit more about the item before buying it, you can ask the buyer any questions. If you have made an offer, the seller will need to accept your offer and you will then need to confirm the sale before the contract is entered. After this time, you cannot cancel the deal and you will legally required to go ahead with the transaction. Shpock is completely free of charge to both buy and sell and there are no listing or selling fees. You must arrange with the seller a time and a place to collect the item. If an item does need to be shipped, you can arrange it privately with the buyer or seller. Please note that this is done at your own risk so be sure that the seller is sending the package as recorded delivery as Shpock does not get involved in the case of missing items. You can browse through Shpock’s many categories if you are looking for an item in particular. The categories on Shpock include; fashion and accessories, movies, books and music, cars and motors and baby and child. You can also purchase services on Shpock such as PC or kitchen/bathroom repairs – handy if you are looking for someone local. Pets are available to buy on Shpock but the transaction comes with a lot of rules, including the buyer being over 18 years of age. Call customer services if you have any questions.

Your Shpock Account

 You will need to have an account to both buy and sell using Shpock. Setting one up is extremely easy and once you have one you will be able to view your transaction history and any items that you have ‘liked’. People will also be able to contact you via your account if you have bought or sold an item.

Shpock Blog

Regular updates and helpful hints and tips are posted onto the Shpock blog, so it is great to take a look at whether you are a regular user or new to the game! It posts updates such as new recipes to try, handy ways to make money quickly and competitions for you to get involved in. The posts are humorous, relatable and light-hearted.

Jobs at Shpock

If you want to work for the Shpock team, you can browse all the available vacancies on their website. You will find the jobs category next to the ‘blog’ link at the top of the Shpock homepage. You can access jobs from a desktop or from the app. There are loads of different roles available at Shpock and the website will show you a sneak peek inside their offices.