iOffer UK

Founded in San Francisco yet available all over the world, iOffer is a place where you can buy and sell to your heart’s content. Much like eBay, the site is known for person-to-person selling and has over 70 000 users registered with the website. The company was founded in 2002 and has been online ever since.

Other iOffer UK Connection Numbers

Department Number Opening Hours
Customer Services  118 057 9am-7pm
Head Office  118 057 9am-7pm
Departments  118 057 9am-7pm
Account Services  118 057 9am-7pm
Designers  118 057 9am-7pm
Delivery Helpline  118 057 9am-7pm
Complaints Line  118 057 9am-7pm

Calls cost £1.50 per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge. Minimum charge £1.50. Bill payers permission required. This is a Directory Enquiry Service provided by NewVenture2014. Customer Service Number 0333 009 5159.

iOffer UK: 118 Contact Number - 118 057

Customer Services

This is the number of the general customer services for iOffer UK. Calling it will put you directly in contact with a member of the iOffer UK Customer Services team, who can help you with any query you have regarding aspects of the iOffer UK services.

Head Office

For the head office contact number, call -. You will be connected to a member of the head office team who can assist you further. If you have made a complaint to the complaints helpline, found in the table above, you can use this number to progress it further or to follow up.


Calling this number will connect you to a switchboard. Once you have been put in touch with a member of the team, you can ask to be directed to any of the following departments who can help you further with any query you may have:

iOffer UK Customer Services

Women’s Fashion
Men’s Fashion
Handbags & Purses
Home & Garden

Account Services

Although iOffer UK offers users a platform on which to sell items, they do not handle orders directly. Delivery, handling and reviews are all left by users and sellers. iOfferUK will only get involved in a sell if they are contacted by one person in the deal which has been made.

To buy items on iOffer UK, search your query and purchase the item you want by either click “buy it now” or “make an offer”. Once your purchase has been confirmed, you will need to pay the seller using their preferred method. Once this has been done, the seller will ship directly to you. If the user does not have their payment readily available to you, you will receive instructions within 48 hours of confirming your price with the seller. You can also request payment if you do not receive this information.


If you’re looking for designer items on iOffer UK, you’re in luck! Popular search terms on the site include top designer names. Search your favourite designer today and find hundreds of people who are selling something that you would love to buy.

Alternatively, ring this number and someone from the customer services team will be able to assist you in finding the best item relating to your ideal search.

From Michael Kors to Gucci, find designer bags, perfumes, accessories and so much more with iOffer UK today.

iOffer UK Customer Services Delivery Helpline

Delivery works on a seller to seller basis. Different sellers have different means of sending items. In the UK, sellers will usually use 2nd class delivery services from the Royal Mail, however, some sellers will use courier services such as Hermes and DPD.

Users based outside of the EU will use their own respective delivery services to get the product to you.

If yo would like to claim a refund, you can do so in a number of ways. You can contact the seller directly in order to resolve the issue between the two of you. Hopefully, your seller will accept returns and grant you a refund. If this is not the case, however, you can create a dispute with your seller in order to settle a refund. If the seller settles the dispute with your outside of the official file, then you can cancel your official dispute easily.

Complaints Line

This is the number to call if you are having an issue with a seller, with an aspect of the iOffer UK level of service, or with anything else to do with iOffer. If you are making a complaint about the first time, this is the number to call. If you are wanting to chase up another complaint that you have made with iOffer UK in the past, then we suggest you call the Head Office contact number, which can be found in the table above.

You can also use this line to report a seller on the iOffer UK website or to report items that you believe to be dangerous that someone has put up to for sale on the website. If you see the sale of weapons or items that are intended to harm, please note down the name of the user and along with any other details you think will be relevant when reporting the matter to a member of the complaints team for iOffer UK.

More about iOffer UK

Unlike eBay, iOffer works on negotiation instead of the traditional auction/bidding system. Once a price has been agreed upon by users, iOffer will take a fee based on the final value agreed upon. Many users take advantage of the free listing option, which is available to anyone with an account on iOffer. However, they do charge certain fees for uploading items on their premium services. Premium services from iOffer allow users to upload items in a way that is bold and highlights them to anyone looking for that particular product. These items will also be listed on the home page.

When items are uploaded to iOffer, they are uploaded with an asking price. From there, other users can negotiate prices back and forth until a price is agreed upon. All transactions made on one account can be fully viewed by any other member on the iOffer UK website. If you are purchasing items from around the world, you may be charged on your credit to accommodate transaction fees and foreign exchange rates.

With iOffer UK, you can also import reviews from sites such as eBay, meaning feedback can be seen on both sites by prospective buyers.