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Graze Box Head Office (UK) Richmond London, South East TW91EW United Kingdom

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Graze Box

Graze Box is a snack subscription box. There are over 100 snacks which have been created by taste experts and designed to be healthy. With every box you receive, you will be able to tell Graze Box what you liked and didn’t like, as well as what you’d like to try and your next box will be sent out based on such likes and dislikes. You can pause and skip a box whenever you wish, which is ideal if you’re going on holiday and you can cancel at any time. Here are some examples of the snacks that you can choose from:

  • Active Nutrient Boost – dates, pumpkin seeds and walnuts
  • Popcorn with a twist of black pepper
  • The Graze brownie – made with almonds, beetroot and fine cocoa
  • Garden of England – apples, strawberries and blackberries
  • Scandinavian Forest – apple, cherry flavoured raisins, blueberries and lingonberries.
  • Summer berry flapjack
  • Moroccan pitted olives
  • Toffee apple – sticky toffee sauce with apple slices
  • Boston Baguettes – BBQ relish with tomato sticks
  • Heart healthy nuts – redskin peanuts, almonds, brazil nuts and pecans
  • Hot Cross Yum – Orange flavoured raisins, honey and cinnamon almonds, vanilla sponge drops
  • Banana Bread with afternoon tea
  • Marvellous carrot cake with afternoon tea
  • Pro Bean – edamame beans, chilli broad beans, redskin peanuts
  • Honeycomb crunch – raisins, almonds, and milk chocolate honeycomb
  • Billionaire’s Shortbread – cranberries, blanched almonds, Belgian chocolate drops, Cornish vanilla fudge
  • Brilliant Black Forest – chocolate cake with cherry compote
  • Tomato and basil pizza – cheese flavoured cashews, mini tomato breadsticks and basil crunchini
  • Jaffa cake flapjack – Oat flapjack with chocolate and orange
  • All Day Energiser – cherries, pear and walnuts
  • Graze’s Smoky Hot Dog – mustard breadsticks, smoked cashews, cheese croutons
  • Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie – baked salted peanuts, mini cocoa cookies, redskin peanuts and Cornish vanilla fudge

Graze Light Box

The Graze Light Box contains snacks which are all less than 150 calories. There are 74 snacks to choose from including toasted pistachios, vitamin C crush, Eleanor’s apple crumble, a lemon and poppy slice, summer berry compote, herby bread basket, slightly sweet popcorn, smoked beef jerky, super kale and edamame, Thai tom yum broth, raspberry bakewell, pesto kern pops and a Belgian cookie dip with cinnamon sticks.

Graze Breakfast Box

Unfortunately, the Graze Breakfast Box has now been discontinued. Each box contained granola, muesli and porridge tailored to the customer’s taste. You could eat the granola and muesli with milk, a milk alternative or with yoghurt, making a filling breakfast.

Graze Snacks

If you don’t want the commitment of subscribing to a Graze Box, you can also buy the Graze snacks in larger packs by themselves, as well as in smaller portions of multipacks. You can also purchase some of Graze’s unique ingredients. Here are some of the snacks available to purchase separately:

  • Omega booster seeds – sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, golden linseeds
  • Fruity flapjack
  • Bonnie Wee Oatbakes – red onion marmalade with cheddar oatcakes
  • Baobab and raspberry clusters – pumpkin seeds, apple pieces and baobab, raspberry and coconut clusters
  • Jam doughnut
  • Cracking black pepper cashews
  • Cherry and chocolate protein topper
  • Pure chia seeds
  • Soft dried pears
  • Dried sour cherries
  • Raw coconut flakes
  • Chopped dates
  • Dried not fried beetroot crisps
  • Brazilian acai powder
  • Peruvian cacao powder

Graze Box Reviews

On the review website TrustPilot, Graze has a score of 8.5 from reviewers. Here are some of their comments:

  • “I love the boxes, but I wish I could order the boxes and products from the shop to be delivered at the same time”
  • “Really good and easy, I don’t have to worry about my snacks during the week anymore”
  • “Nice snacks, but I seem to get mostly sweet things, I’d prefer more savoury”
  • “I always look forward to getting my Graze boxes and trying new snacks”
  • “I love graze, it helps me feel full and I no longer snack on crisps and chocolate”
  • “Good portions to avoid over snacking”
  • “I wish you got more for the money”
  • “I like the idea of choosing in advance your likes and dislikes”
  • “Customer service is very good and the products are high quality”
  • “Tasty treats that are guilt-free”
  • “I would like a little more variety”

Free Graze Box

You can occasionally find coupon codes online which allow you to get free Graze boxes. The most popular code allows you to get your first, fifth and tenth box for free. You can find them in newspapers and magazines, online and sometimes in parcels you receive from retailers such as ASOS and Missguided. If you type in ‘graze box review’ you may also find bloggers who have reviewed a Graze box and have been given a free box code for their readers.

About Graze Box

Graze was launched in 2008 by a group of people who had been brought together by the man who founded LoveFilm. The company expanded into the US in 2013 with offices in New Jersey and New York. The Graze head office can be found in Richmond, London and in 2015, Graze was listed as one of the UK’s fastest growing companies.

For more information about Graze products and services, call Graze Box contact.