Edexcel is a multinational examining body, serving the education sector. It is owned by Pearson and its name is derived from a combination of the words Education and Excellence. Its main job is to ensure that all exam papers in British schools and colleges are regulated under the British Curriculum. It also offers qualifications for school both on the international and regional scales. It was first formed in 1996 and is now the UK’s largest awarding organisation. Edexcel also offers International Advanced Levels to schools outside the UK.
Department Connection Number Opening Hours
Past Papers & Grade Boundaries  118 057 9am-6pm
Edexcel Qualifications  118 057 9am-6pm
Edexcel Subjects  118 057 9am-6pm
Support  118 057 9am-6pm
Careers  118 057 9am-6pm

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Edexcel: 118 Contact Number - 118 057

Past Papers and Grade Boundaries

Past papers are a great way of practising for any type of exam and luckily, Edexcel publishes their past papers online so that teachers can gain access to them and give their pupils a chance to practice before the real thing. There is an easy to use past paper search available on the Edexcel website so if you are looking for a paper from a particular year, the search filter will find you what you are looking for. Firstly, you will need to select a qualification (A Levels, GCSE’s etc) and then apply the subject. If you are looking for a particular paper, perhaps it has a question on it that you want to revisit, you can call the number displayed above to speak to someone who can tell you where to find it. The papers, in the case of most subjects, will date as far back as 2006. Please note that some questions or subjects may have been tweaked slightly since then and it is always best to look at a more recent paper as well, for an idea of what you can expect in your upcoming exam. As for grade boundaries, they show the minimum number of marks that you would need to achieve a certain grade. The grade boundaries are not set in stone and do change from year to year depending on the difficulty level of the paper. If the paper is particularly challenging, the grade boundaries might be lower, making it easier to score higher and vice versa. Grade boundaries for up and coming exams are released with the results of the papers so you will not be able to get hold of grade boundaries until August time. If you would like to know the grade boundaries for previous years, then please call the contact number above. You can also use the Edexcel search tool to find grade boundaries.

Edexcel Qualifications

Edexcel rewards a wide range of qualifications, the most popular and well known being A Level, GCSE and BTEC Nationals. Other qualifications you can gain from Edexcel include apprenticeships, International Advance Levels and NVQ’s. The full, extensive list of qualifications can be found on the Edexcel website as well as further information about each one. If you have any specific questions relating to a particular qualification, do not hesitate to call the qualifications helpline where someone will be happy to help. Undertaking a qualification can sometimes be a confusing and stressful (but rewarding!) experience so this helpline is here to make some things easier. If you would like a breakdown of qualifications, then checking the Edexcel website is the best thing to do because the site has recently been re-done and it is now easier than ever to search for what you need. Of course, all of the same exams have to take place at the same time up and down the country so that details of the paper cannot be passed on by anyone that has already sat it. Pupils in schools and colleges will be handed paper confirmation of their timetables but you can also find the timetable schedule online on the Edexcel website after it has been released. On occasion, timetables can change and alterations can be made. This is also recorded on the website and is definitely worth keeping an eye on. If you have a complaint about any timetables or have noticed any mistakes then please call the qualifications contact number.

Edexcel Subjects

Edexcel provides exams and qualifications for a great range of subjects. The core subjects such as English, Maths and Science are run by Edexcel and then also a range of other options such as PE and Sport, Engineering and Music. By clicking ‘see all subjects’ you will be shown a full list of what is available. If you are unsure about what subjects you are hoping to study, then it is definitely worth reading this list because there may be subjects you weren’t even aware were available. It may be good to see if the subject you are studying in is actually examined by Edexcel so you can get hold of past papers which will help you to experience the type of exam you will be sitting. If you are unsure whether or not a particular subject is managed by Edexcel, please call the number above to clarify. Every subject is listed on the Edexcel website and by clicking each one you can find out all of the qualifications that are offered by Edexcel in that particular subject area. If you are studying any of the subjects listed and have any concerns or questions, then someone at the subject contact number will be happy to assist.


The Edexcel support team are available both online and over the phone so it really depends on which way you prefer to get in touch. There is a range of support available from Edexcel, whether you are a teacher, a student or an administrator. The support for teachers section of the Edexcel website contains valuable resources that will show you what you need to know in order to teach the Edexcel qualifications. It will guide you through course planning and training events as well as exams and even how you can help and support your pupils post results. As a teacher, Edexcel will provide you with the opportunity to attend training events and courses as well as extra online studying. The courses are extremely cost effective and will provide you with much-needed, up to date information and expert guidance about delivering the qualifications. In an environment as fast paced and changeable as the education sector, it is important that you are up to date with changes so that you are delivering the correct information to your pupils. If you would like to sign up to one of Edexcel’s extra guidance courses you can call the support number shown above or head to the website where you can apply online. Support is not only provided for teachers but also for students. On the website, the qualifications students will undertake are explained in depth  – whether you are taking your exams in school or are a private candidate, you can find important information listed here. If you have received your results but would like to know more about how you did, you can head to the Edexcel website and use the ResultPlusDirect tool which will give you a breakdown of your performance in each of your exams. This is particularly useful if you maybe have to re-sit some papers and you can look at the specific areas that perhaps compromised your grade. You can also use the degree course finder if you are currently studying an Edexcel qualification and are hoping to progress onto university. The support phone number is also available for general questions, complaints and concerns whether you are a teacher, a student or an administrator for Edexcel.


If you have a passion for learning, you might want to consider a career for Edexcel at Pearson UK. You can find current vacancies online but if you are looking for a specific position, you can call the careers helpline and enquire. If you have applied for a position with Edexcel but have not heard anything within two working weeks, you can call the careers contact number to inquire about your application.