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Bank of America UK Connection Numbers

Department Number
Head Office 118 057
Customer Services 118 057
 Banking 118 057
 Loans 118 057
 Credit Cards 118 057
 Investments 118 057

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Bank of America UK: 118 Contact Number - 118 057

Bank of America UK Head Office Address

Bank of America UK Address
Head Office  Bank of America Corporate Center, 100 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28255


Bank of America UK

Bank of America is a multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The bank was founded as the Bank of Italy in 1904, then rebranded as the Bank of America two times after in 1930 and 1998. Bank of America is ranked 2nd on the list of the largest banks in the United States by assets and ranked #11 on the Forbes Magazine Global 2000 list of the largest companies in the world in 2016. The bank operates retail branches in all 50 states in the US, the District of Columbia and more than 40 other countries with around 4,600 banking centres and 15,900 automated teller machines (ATM’s). Their revenue for 2016 was $18,701 billion US and they employ around 208,000 people. Not only does Bank of America provide personal banking, they also have accounts for small businesses, wealth management and businesses & institutions.

If you need to contact the Bank of America for any reason you can call any of the numbers above and talk to a member of staff who will help you with whatever you need.


There is a range of banking accounts in the Bank of America that can serve purposes for all kinds of people. Many of the account types have two different options you can choose from depending on whether you wish to have a basic or premium account in the bank. Their checking accounts offer core checking accounts that are good for those with direct deposits or interest checking which is for those who keep high balances and want multiple interest-earning accounts with complimentary services. Their savings account offers regular savings accounts or rewards money marker savings account which offer higher balances and are for those who want to earn a higher interest rate, and their CDs (Certificate of Deposit) accounts have either featured CD accounts that provide a fixed CD rate and a predictable return without any long term commitment needed or a standard term CD account that only requires a low minimum deposit and gives you the flexibility to save on your own terms.

Bank of America also offers business checking accounts that can either be business fundamentals accounts that provide essential business features or can also be business advantage accounts which also provide essential business features but also offer premium benefits. Their student banking accounts provide an account perfectly set up for student use including checking and savings accounts, credit cards and access to the Bank of America mobile app. If you wish to do you banking online then you have the opportunity with Bank of America, as you have the opportunity to manage your accounts, make payments and transfer money, budget and track and also set up mobile banking with their online banking on the Bank of America website. Their mobile banking includes many features, including the opportunity to manage your accounts and many other features that are also accessible through online banking. You also have the chance to set up text banking, which makes banking easier than ever.


If you’re hoping to get a loan from the Bank of America then there is a variety of ways you can achieve this, for a selection of reasons. Firstly, it is possible to start your mortgage with Bank of America, as they are happy to help homemakers begin their journeys, with a variety of different types of mortgages available to suit your financial situation. As well as creating a new mortgage, you can also refinance your mortgage to potentially lower your interest rate and monthly mortgage payment. Bank of America also offers the chance to borrow against available equity by using your home as collateral and provide the chance to use their home equity calculator and also estimate your home’s value. Their auto loans are useful for helping with monthly car payments and can ensure that you can buy and afford that dream car you’ve been thinking about, while they’re business loans offer two available ways of creating a loan system for your business. You can either apply for a business advantage credit line which is an unsecured line of credit that you can use whenever your funds are limited with no collateral required, or a business advantage term loan which is an unsecured term loan and lets you receive the funds you need as a one-time lump sum. You can find more information on all of their loans on their website, to find which kind of loan is right for you.

Credit Cards

There are a lot of different types of credit cards you can take out with Bank of America, which are all different depending on your needs in a credit card. You can browse through these different types of credit cards on the Bank of America website, including taking a look at the most popular cards available, which include the Bank Americard Cash Rewards credit card, which gives you a $150 online cash rewards bonus offer, the Bank Americard Travel Rewards credit card which allows you to gain 20,000 online bonus points with the card, and the Bank Americard which lets you save on interest which will help you to pay down your balance faster. If there is a specific type of credit card you are looking for you can browse for cash reward cards, travel and airline rewards cards, lower interest rate cards and cards that help you to build or rebuild credit. There is also a section of the website dedicated to finding credit cards for small businesses, which also allows you to check for popular cards, cash rewards cards, travel rewards cards and lower interest cards, as each of these could be useful for small businesses that are looking for a little bit of help in keeping their heads above water. If you’re not sure what kind of card you’d like to get with Bank of America then you can browse through all of the credit cards and see if there is one that appeals to you too, or you can check for customised offers on their website where it will take your details and find a deal that is perfect for you.


Bank of America helps people to make investments in their future with the help of streamline investing with Merrill Edge. Merrill Edge is a multi-award winning investing company that works with Bank of America to link their accounts together and create an easy way for their customers to create investments, whether that investment is towards your retirement and IRA, towards college payments or just a general investment, Merrill Edge is happy to provide plenty of guidance for anyone interested in their services. There are a series of pages from the Bank of America website that link you to informative pages on retirement investments, IRA and 401(k) rollovers, 529 & college savings plans, investments products, Merril Lynch Wealth Management and U.S. Trust Private Wealth Management, so you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in that respective area.


Bank of America understands that when it comes to managing your money sometimes people aren’t always entirely certain about everything that they’ll be getting involved in. Their learning section on their website provides the opportunity to learn the skills and information you need to know to protect and manage your money properly with their bank, as it provides details on things like managing credit, handling debt, saving & budgeting, privacy & security, planning for life events, retirement planning, college planning, home ownership and auto ownership. With this they cover for most of the events that you may need help with in your life and show you the best ways to prepare money-wise for any situation.